Welcome to the workshop “Mediation for Business Partners – to discuss everything and agree on it”

45% of success in business is a team (another 10% is an idea and 45% is realization). Key (and first) team members are partners – business owners.

Does the following situation seem familiar to you? Seems like you know each other very well, the idea is really cool, some significant issues are agreed and everything else is not urgent, therefore, may be discussed later! And only later in the process of teamwork it turns out that making joint decisions is difficult. Everyone had his own vision and thought that it was common. Everyone was expecting something from a partner, but the partner did not know these expectations, and consequently did not promised to fulfil them. Even those issues that seemed to be agreed were misunderstood by parties and now it is impossible to clarify previous positions. that they agreed, everyone understood theirs and now it’s not possible to figure out how it was … And what if emotions were added?

So what to do? It is better to negotiate on all key issues at the start of business or in the process of running a business.

What are those key issues? How to negotiate?

This is what we will talk about every Wednesday (18.30 – 21.00): 21 and 28 of November, 5 and 12 of December. Voloska Street 8/5, 4th floor (Kyiv-Mohyla Business School).

Join us! Click on the following link to find the details: Mediation for Business Partners – to discuss everything and agree on it

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