Global Markets

The world is becoming more and more global. Companies no longer limit their presence to their home country. Ukrainian companies are expanding to foreign markets while the foreign companies are entering Ukraine, partners from different countries implement projects together.

Usually, such companies pay enough attention to the business component: conduct research, develop a strategy, improve the product, and create a financial plan. However, they do not pay enough attention to the legal component, thinking that it is too soon to take care of it.

So when to start working on legal issues? In our opinion, from the very beginning of work on the project (whether it is a strategy to enter a new market, a new partnership, or something else). After all, at every stage there are legal issues. Often, legal decisions have a significant impact on the business project. For instance, information about state support in the form of tax credits may impact the choice of factory location. Understanding the risk of infringement of someone’s intellectual property when entering a new market (and the financial losses from this) may encourage to launch the appropriate procedures in advance and formalize your rights and the like.

Such an approach enables to identify, take into account, and reduce legal risks. It also helps to find the advantages and benefit of them.

Our clients are Ukrainian, foreign, and international companies. Our projects concern expanding to foreign markets, as well as entering Ukraine and further successful work here. Besides, we assist in implementing joint projects in Ukraine or abroad. We provide our Clients with legal support on questions that may arise in such projects, such as the application of Ukrainian legislation, conflict of laws, and international legal issues. Also, there may be questions of application of the legislation of other countries, in such case we cooperate with our colleagues from the respective jurisdictions.

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