Business mediation

Recently, more and more clients are coming with a request for mediation.

Today mediation is an alternative method of resolving disputes, the most effective and ecological one. Most of business disputes can be resolved through mediation.

Another definition of mediation is negotiation with the participation of an neutral professional person.

That is, mediation can be applied even when there is no dispute (but there may be a conflict of interest) and the parties shall agree on certain issues (for example, when starting a business together).

It is essentially the process, where an independent professional negotiator (the mediator) helps the parties to establish communication, deal with emotions (if any) and move on from discussing positions to finding out the interests and needs. As a result, the range of possible solutions is greatly expanded and the parties can jointly choose the best.

The result of a mediation is not a compromise when each party sacrifices its interests, and no one is satisfied. On the contrary, each party can get exactly what it needs.

How is it possible? For example, in the court parties “divide the pie”: the more one party receives – the less remains for the other. Unlike the court, in mediation parties initially jointly “grow a pie” – and only then “divide” it, according to the interests and needs of each of them.

Almost always decisions in mediation are performed voluntarily: the parties themselves want to perform a decision that is in line with their interests and needs.

Mediation saves time and money. In court a dispute can be resolved for years – in mediation there are usually quite a few meetings for this.

Mediation allows you to maintain and improve (or even restore) relationships. This creates the preconditions for further cooperation.

Mediation is a process that is confidential and ensures that the information is not disclosed which is particularly valuable in business.

In mediation, the parties themselves influence the outcome. They do not depend on the state, the judicial system, state executives, legislation. This gives them the opportunity to solve the issue quickly, efficiently and with the best result.

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