Electronic employment record books

On June 10, 2021, Law No.1217-IX entered into force, which changes the procedure for keeping employment record books.

In general, it is planned to gradually move to accounting of labor activity in electronic form (in the register of the Pension Fund).

And although this transition will take place for another five years, some important changes are already in effect from June 10, 2021, in particular:

  • when hiring, an employee must submit either an employment record book – or an extract from the register on work;
  • when applying for a job for the first time, an employment record book is not necessarily drawn up, but only at the request of the employee;
  • records in an employment record book are made only at the request of the employee;
  • an employment record book is kept by the employee and not by the employer (but if as of June 10, 2021 the employment record book is already stored in the company, it is not necessary to return it to the employee before dismissal);
  • main job or part-time job – is determined at the request of the employee;
  • upon dismissal, the employee must be given a copy of the order of dismissal.

So far, not all by-laws have been adopted yet to implement the law. So we will wait for adoption and follow up on clarifications.

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