Legal services for business

We provide legal support to our business-Clients in the course of their activities.

Considering the needs of our Clients, we have three main service provision models.

Legal function outsourcing

Or (in other words) “External Legal Department,” “External in-house lawyers” (wording from Clients).

Usually, in any company, there is a legal function that should be implemented in one way or another. Under this model, the Client places it outside the company; that is, the Client entrusts us with it.

To whom does it suit? From our practice:

  • companies with no in-house lawyers at all;
  • companies where there are lawyers, but there is a need to strengthen them (because of the scope of work, complexity or specifics of legal tasks);
  • companies with one head of legal who coordinates all legal work and needs external lawyers (in particular, in international companies the head of legal may be responsible for several countries and engage local lawyers in each of them).

What are the benefits for the Client?

The Client receives a fully formed legal team, which is well-trained, coordinated and motivated. It allows to solve legal tasks of different complexity (from simple to the most difficult) and from different areas of legal specialization effectively and qualitatively.

The Client does not bear the cost of maintaining the staff of lawyers and pays only for the provided services. In such a case, he manages his expenses (for example, optimizes them for the period of quarantine).

As for us, we are deeply immersed in the Client’s business. This allows us to have a good understanding of specifics of the activities, as well as to grow relationships with key employees of the Client and even with counterparties.

Such a model is in line with current trends in economics and workflow arrangement: sharing economy, distributed teams (when participants of a joint project may physically be even in different countries), remote work etc.

Complex legal tasks

Our legal expertise, deep understanding of the business, systems thinking, knowledge and experience in related areas allow us to solve complex legal tasks effectively (in particular, comprehensive and unusual ones).

This service may be called “one-time,” but it is not accurate enough. The Client is applying for the solution of a specific issue. But the project may last, for example, six months. In the future, the Client applies again when there is the next complex legal task.

Court representation

We have a substantial successful experience in court representation. Therefore, we offer our clients the services of representation and protection of their interests in courts.

Since we work with business-Clients, it is usually administrative (in particular, tax) or commercial law cases.

In addition, we offer our clients the preparation of a comprehensive judicial defense strategy (two or more cases to achieve a particular goal) with the subsequent implementation of this strategy.

Our approach to work (professionalism, responsible attitude, involvement, strategic and systematic thinking, open-mindedness, creativity and the win-win focus) ensures the best result for the Client in each case.

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